Providence Punk Band Downtown Boys Signed to Major Label

I conducted interviews, gathered sound, edited and mixed this story. 

Also available at:

D.C.’s Poet Laureate Still Finds Inspiration In Her Native City

I pitched and reported this story - researched, interviewed Kendrick, wrote the script, gathered sound and music, and did some of the photography for the web build.

Long Unseen By Readers, H.G. Wells Ghost Story Finally Debuts In Print

Produced the piece:  pre-interviewed and wrote interview questions and a script for this two-way, and then cut and mixed it.

Langston Hughes' Harlem Home May Get Its Own Renaissance — As An Art Center

I booked the interviewee, operated the studios, wrote interview questions and script, and cut and mixed the two-way.

Mindful Moments

I wrote the scripts for this story, did field production and sound gathering, conducted interviews, reported and mixed this story.

Feature for With Good Reason radio show, also available to listen here:

Local New York Restaurant Preps For Election Day Party Bustle

I found and booked the interviewee, wrote the script and interview questions and cut the two-way.

Jollof Rice: West Africans Dish It Up With A Hefty Serving Of Smack Talk

I operated the studio and cut and mixed the two-way.

Federal Investigators Work To Determine Cause Of Hoboken, N.J., Train Crash

Booked guest and wrote script and interview questions for this live breaking news two-way.

South Florida's Seminole Cowboys: Cattle Is 'In Our DNA'

As the intern at the NPR Arts Desk, this was a big final project I worked on. I worked very closely with Jacki Lyden to go through hours of tape she recorded and helped shape the story by identifying key moments and interesting details. Assisted NPR Arts Desk producer Andy Limbong with the mixing of the story.